Untitled 2I love the feeling “new” back to school supplies give me and my children, especially the crayons. So clean, unbroken, fresh. The box, too: sharp corners, the top flap folds nicely inside it, and the cardboard is stiff, not torn.

I love how these supplies create the emotion of starting over, starting fresh. I’m jealous. I’d love to have a reason to buy new crayons–and also do some coloring. I want the feeling of each day, each month being new, being fresh.

Sure, you can approach each work day with that point of view, but for now, I am sticking with the idea of coloring.

I can’t come up with a valid excuse to have new crayons in my office or yours, but I do have a way for you to add some coloring to your workdays.

I’m not asking you to buy an adult coloring book: I am giving you one.

>>>>Click to Download Your Copy

Adult coloring books have flooded bookstores in the last year. I’ve seen many versions of them but not one specifically addressing some of the ho-hum elements of working in an office or being a manager.

So, in the spirit of diminishing any jealously you have of the lazy first days of school your children or those you know have, I created the Coloring for Managers book, just 3 pages for you to color–as you sit in meetings, on planes, etc. This may also give your mind a break from nutty election news coverage. When in doubt, color.

Happy “back to school” coloring. Broken crayons are totally acceptable.

Best wishes from the Bay Area,


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