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Digging For Answers…

I have a lot of bees in my bonnet on a regular basis. I know this. I am aware that I exert too much energy discussing injustices and then trying to fix them. Like a bee, I'm digging around. I'm trying to find something: an answer, a reason why, the lesson to learn....

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How To Network Internally

Don't fall into the trap of networking only outside your current company. Learn how to meet your manager’s peers as well as people with different duties in other departments.

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How To Take Risks

One of the last behaviors many of us wish to embrace right now is risk taking. Times are scary. Ambiguity continues to surround us. As numerous people and companies are shying away from new ventures, it's time for you to be courageous at work (regarding new projects,...

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Gossiping in the Workplace

Every office has one: the person who is the People magazine of what's going on and with whom. Office gossip is more than an occasional distraction and time waster. It can cause expensive turnover among employees AND clients. So come on managers, let's face office...

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Generation Y Don’ts

There are about 80 million of them out there, and they are moving up the ranks fast. They are Generation Y. Yes, they need a lot of attention, they like to move fast, they seem to have no shame. Knee-jerk reactions on how to lead them will cause turnover of these top...

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SMART Goals 2.0

Stop shaking you head. You think you know all you can about SMART goals and you think you are a master at setting and managing specific, measurable, action oriented and aligned, realistic, and timebound objectives, but I’ve added some twists for 2011. Many of the...

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Virtual Teams Don’ts

If you go to bed tonight in San Francisco, Stockholm is just waking up and your team in Singapore is coming back from lunch. Feeling challenged by leading a team that doesn't physically work together or even have work hours in common? Working globally is getting...

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