Happy February!

Can you believe we are already two months into the year?  Last month many of us started off the new year with resolutions: What should I change? What should I do new? What do I want this year vs. last?

But then as the month’s go by, meetings pile up and illness creeps in these resolutions quickly get dismissed.  At least that’s the way it has been for me.  So rather than giving you more things to do, I am simply going to tell you a little story about a man I met a couple of years ago.

I met Daniel at my friend and client Kelly’s house. She holds a regular author and thinker salon, and it has been a cozy living room where I have met some amazing people.

I’m a huge fan of Daniel’s books (check out Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, and Free Agent Nation: The Future of Working for Yourself, and of course I wanted to have my photo taken with him. I asked him, “Nerdy or OK to take a picture with you?” He laughed, and said, “It’s cool. Not nerdy.”

The topic of Daniel’s newest book, To Sell is Human, is…well, selling. This subject is one I want and need to learn more about, and it’s one that scares me at the same time. Selling being “human” I can understand immediately: many of us do not consider selling a skill or tactic we willingly use regularly or want to employ.

Clients tell me I don’t sell them on my services. They do not feel as if I meet them with a proposal in hand and spend initial meetings together discussing what I can do for them.

This is always lovely (and a relief) to hear because I have no idea how to sell. And no training. And no desire to be selling. Yet it is something I do in many ways, to develop my role and business.

Daniel’s research opens our eyes to the numbers of people who engage in some type of selling every day of their role. It is not just a car salesperson who is selling to you. It is the peer who asks you to help him with a project. It is your manager delegating a task to you. It is your child asking you for TV time.

The ABC Daniel speaks of in his book stands for “Attunement, Buoyance, and Clarity” — not “Always Be Closing.”

I will focus on Bouyance this year. I do a fair job of it — bouncing back — but it’s not a strength. Rejection is not something I can dismiss easily.

I hope you read this book and select which ABC you will spend energy towards, as you sell — as a human.  And if you have already read the book, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Again, Happy February!

Kind regards,


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