screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-10-34-35-amI will bring up the topic we either want to discuss or don’t want to hear about at all: the US election results.

Wait, wait, don’t click away yet! This will be easy. And either fun or cathartic or both.

I immediately felt surprised and then my emotions morphed a bit. Well, they changed–a lot. In trying to better understand my reactions, I found a great article from Gallup that shares their research on how the rest of America feels after the election.

Before you read the article, I want you to consider your own reactions first. Then you can compare your emotions to the rest of the US.

Download the PDF below and state what you feel like, what you need, and what you will do.

For my friends outside the US, emails and texts from you tell me you have very similar reactions. You will enjoy this exercise as well.

>>> Post Election 2016 Reactions Worksheet

Really have no time to think about how you feel first and just want to read the article? Check out Gallup’s results.

Best wishes from the Bay Area and Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US,


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