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Concise, actionable advice about what it takes to be an effective leader

Leila frequently speaks to companies of different sizes, the media, and professional organizations.

She adapts her presentations to audience needs and knows how to keep people engaged. Your team will walk away ready to take action.

Below are some current topics. Each one can be adapted for a keynote presentation, breakout session, or media commentary.

  • CEO Gaffes: Why CEOs Make Stupid Mistakes (And Will Continue to Do So)
  • The 3 Types of Bad Managers Working at Your Company (& How Much They Cost You)
  • IQ Takes a Backseat: It’s All About EQ Now
  • Why Executives Are Afraid to Talk of Tough Conversations
  • The High Price of Office Gossip
  • Retaining Your Top Performers Without Breaking the Bank




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Appearances on CBS TV evening news in San Francisco in 2009, 2010, and 2011

Leila’s House of Corrections

You can see Leila’s speaking style in episodes from her CBS Interactive video series, “Leila’s House of Corrections.” Since 2008, she has been covering today’s most pressing management concerns and teaching business leaders how to motivate their teams so they can increase both productivity and profits—all in just 3-4 minute videos.


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