Worried Businessman With Cardboard HeadIn keeping with the theme of top performers, this month’s tough conversation speaks to the discussion you may need to have with a stellar employee who is unhappy.

One option is to call out the behavior and its effects, the end results.

When you have many examples and see a pattern, you need to speak to the employee and explain what you’ve noticed and how the behavior is negatively affecting team productivity, customer retention, or revenue generation.

It’s crucial you speak to the consequence of the employee’s conduct.

You can start the conversation like this, “Elizabeth, I’ve noticed in the last few months that your enthusiasm for your work, your drive to exceed goals isn’t as evident as it has been in the past.”

To learn more, watch my video on this subject.

And I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  When was a time you had to have a tough conversation with an unhappy employee and how did it go?

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