Creating measureable progress and a stronger organization

Engaging learning activities that balance
theory, practice, and research.

With our high-quality training, leaders and their teams retain important information, remain inspired, and keep up with today’s changing business environment. Every employee is on the same page and operating with maximum effectiveness.

Before you select any training program, we help you assess how your team is currently operating and what improvements you’ll need for organizational success.

High-level training does not have to include thick binders, long lectures, uncomfortable icebreakers, or facilitators who are subject matter experts but have little practical experience.



  • Engaging learning activities that balance theory, practice, and research.
  • Interactive and versatile (i.e. one hour of training may be 15 minutes of lecture, 30 minutes of group discussion, and 15 minutes of paired practice. We’ll also adapt to the amount of time you have available).
  • Fun! If it’s not enjoyable for you and your teams, it’s not fun for us.
  • Presented by former executives and business leaders who have actually hired and fired people. Our facilitators use their stories from the trenches—including their past mistakes—to enlighten their audiences.

Our trainings have developed teams and transformed organizations in:







United Kingdom

United States


We’ve worked with companies of every size,
from 50 employees to Fortune 500 companies.


These days, every organization dedicates plenty of time to meetings, information sessions, and trainings. But how often are you seeing measurable results?

It takes a proven balance of theory, practice, and research to spark long-term change. Each of our workshops is designed to facilitate inspired action. The result is measureable progress and a stronger organization.

It takes a proven balance of theory, practice, and research to spark long-term change. Each of our workshops is designed to facilitate inspired action. 

Current Workshops:

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

Step-by-step, you’ll learn how to create high-performing teams with your organization. Learn more.


Discovering EQ - Emotional Intelligence

Deep understanding of emotional intelligence is the missing ingredient for so many otherwise-accomplished professionals. You’ll leave this workshop with the skills you need to manage relationships, understand strengths, and make better choices. Learn more.


StrengthsFinder® for Teams

Learn how to elevate your team’s performance when you focus on what you do well vs. what you don’t. Tackle projects better and smarter. Learn more.


Hire Right . . . Right Now

Most people make hiring decisions based on gut reactions. But after this workshop, you’ll know exactly what to look for throughout the hiring process. Learn more.


Team Building with MBTI®

Learn to provide more relevant coaching. You’ll learn how individual preferences influence team dynamics and affect the bigger picture. Before this workshop, you’ll speak with the coach-facilitator who will customize the experience for your team. Learn more.


Each workshop includes:


Comprehensive Materials

We customize each workshop for your organization, keeping your needs and budget in mind.


Group Coaching

Your new materials won’t stay on the shelf. We provide accountability and support you as your team implements new insights, step-by-step.


1:1 Coaching for Worksop Sponsors

Your new behaviors will feel like comfortable routines. We’re here to support you as you lead your team toward sustained change.



As an HR professional, do you:

  • Feel peppered with questions about vacation time and new hire forms?
  • Find managers coming to you for help when they want to “get rid” of an employee? But then they ignore your advice when hiring someone?
  • Wish the executive committee would solicit you for ideas when they consider a new product or service or a possible acquisition?

The HR Professional possesses a powerful skillset that can deeply impact an organization.

When you speak with clients, it’s common practice to administer advice and quickly direct people to solutions.

But you can and must think bigger. We can help.

Our experience working inside HR departments helps us equip you to think strategically about using your expertise to transform the way your company operates.



For HR teams ready to make the leap from people who provide answers to experts who build solutions, we provide:


If you are an HR Director or VP who wants to step away from a daily checklist and think beyond this week, month, or quarter, we help you:

  • Increase the visibility of your role.
  • Gain comfort in influencing fellow executives.
  • Lead your team away from completing forms to completing a game plan for this year and beyond.



With the HR professional in mind, we tailor our workshops on emotional intelligence, the MBTI®, and strategic meeting facilitation to help your team:

  • Stop giving answers and start asking questions.
  • Consider the roles they want to play (not the ones they feel they have to).
  • Evaluate how deep-seated communication habits are keeping them from being viewed as strategic.


Do you have a team of superstars who struggle to work together effectively?

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