StrengthsFinder-1Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

Heard of the strengths revolution? It’s the idea that you, your team, and your company will get farther faster when you focus on what you do well vs. what you don’t.

Our workshops are about changing behaviors and helping organizations get from here to there.  This week we are highlighting one of our most successful workshops: StrengthsFinder for Teams.

In this half-day workshop, teams learn about individual and group strengths while having fun at the same time. This is an excellent and practical team building experience. And, for leaders, when you identify your team’s talents and build them into strengths, it is easier to become a high-performing team (and have fun).

Before the workshop, participants read the first 40 pages of the book StrengthsFinder® 2.0, based on Gallup’s millions of workplace interviews around employee engagement. They then complete a 20-minute online assessment and send their reports to the facilitator, who reviews them and customizes the material.

The individual assessment reports provide participants with detailed information on their top 5 strengths and how they can continue to build upon them. Also, new to the program is the opportunity for teams to discover, from 34 strengths, the rank order of all 34 strengths of participants. With that information, teams are able to identify and plan for “holes” in their game plans.

You have an opportunity to speak live or in person with the facilitator/coach and provide insight that helps her customize the experience for your team.

Each Bulling Towne workshop includes:

  1. Comprehensive materials—while we don’t offer off the shelf programs, our customization process is fast and affordable. We can tailor existing programs to meet your needs and budget.
  2. Group coaching—to ensure materials don’t remain on the shelf.
  3. 1:1 coaching for workshop sponsors—to make the new behaviors feel like comfortable routines.

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Download the course PDF.

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If you have already completed this workshop, we’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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