Get to the root to get growing

The effectiveness of the whole team is reliant on the effectiveness of each individual.

Having big goals for your people or business is fantastic. And it’s powerful to watch a high-functioning team execute projects together.

When teams start to break down, their magic dissipates.

No number of meetings or working sessions will cause meaningful movement towards those goals when the foundation of your team is shaky at best. 

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When team relationships are disjointed,
connections are suffering, or there’s a muddy understanding of where a group or company is headed, You need help.

Things really start to fall apart when:

Rest assured: you can recover. Getting the team back on course—and back on the same team—takes dedicated time, focus, and commitment.

The right leadership offsite with an expert facilitator can help. 

Get to the root to get growing

With 25 years in leadership facilitation for teams, and by blending theory, practice, and research, leadership offsites and retreats are designed to engage every participant and bring about change that sticks.

I first assess your team to see what work would be most impactful and then design the experience to best support your goals and your group. The offsite is about action and traction, and there aren’t any sacred cows. The time away from the office is high value and high impact. It has to be, right?

The ROI was incredible.

“In working with Leila, the executive team went from barely talking to each other to operating at the highest levels each of us had ever done, individually and as a team. It was unbelievable. The ROI was incredible. A bargain.”


Because when everyone’s in the room, there’s no hiding.

Custom-designed offsites and retreats take your team from disjointed to driven, refocusing their energy and efforts on the collective vision. I help you by focusing on the root causes of your team’s struggles and opportunities.

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We’re in this together

You’re not alone in figuring this “team” thing out. Get to know more about me and see if my 25 years of experience fit your vision for how your people come (back) together.

Know you’re ready to get your group work going?

Or, want to know more about leadership facilitation?

I can help you be the leader to take a stand and create an inspired, effective, spirited community of people around you, every day. Let’s talk.