Be the leader teams remember

There’s been a transition in your work. Specifically, a shift in your role as a leader.

Change is nuanced—and it’s natural to find it challenging.

Knowing what to do or say next, where and how to prioritize as the list of people and complexities of your role or business grows . . . it’s an intricate process that can leave you spinning.

City scape arial view

You’ll be facing

More (or different) demands on your time—and some are totally new to you

A growing (or different) number of people asking for your input—in new offices cropping up all over

New responsibilities on your plate and (most likely) a full life outside of your professional pursuits

These things can throw off even
the most seasoned leaders

When work gets really hard, and you’re stuck in the small stuff, finding yourself impatient, frustrated that others aren’t moving as fast as you, and constantly running out of time to do what you need to do, it’s normal to feel lost.

It was confidence and competence that got you here. And you need to rely on that competence and confidence to move you forward

What if you could bring that part of you back,
and end the cycle of “hard” that’s been defining how you feel about leading?

What if leading could be easier?

Recapture confidence

Growing your competence as a leader, regaining your confidence (or moderating it), and charting your path to rock star leader status is the essence of Executive Coaching (I think).

Action oriented and data based, coaching tackles your leadership role head-on. Through assessments and strategic planning, regular one-on-one meetings, accountability, and on-call support, you’ll have a detailed understanding of where you are and a clear line of sight towards where you, your team, and company need to go.

Learn Fast

“I learned more in our 9 months of coaching than I did in business school. Don’t get an MBA. Hire Leila to coach you and your team.”

VP, Product

Once problems are removed and areas of opportunity are identified, you’ll:

Leila Bulling Towne 

Meet your accountability-maker.

Get to know more about me and why when I say “I get it”, I mean it.

Want to skip the introduction and get right to work?

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