with Leila Bulling Towne

Coaching leaders to speak with 
authority and authenticity

Executive Coaching

with Leila Bulling Towne

Training leaders to speak with authority and authenticity


We help executives become skilled at managing projects and people.


Our workshops balance theory, practice, and research to lead your company to sustained change.


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Leila is an executive coach. She specializes in helping leaders decide what to say and how to say it by coaching leaders to speak with authority and authenticity, whether they are communicating to employees, the board, or customers.

Through keen listening and observation skills, a decade of experience inside a high tech environment at the director level, Leila has a laser-like ability to get to the heart of the problem–fast. With a razor sharp understanding of executive pressures and stresses, she coaches executives toward action. Her techniques emphasize tangible, strategic steps for managing during downturns and the climb back up.


“Leila helped me make incredible changes in the way I lead my team. The investment in coaching was little compared to what I learned and how quickly she helped me. I feel as if I learned things I should have learned long ago. I recommend her highly.” VP, startup 
“It’s hard to juggle pressures from above–the board and shareholders–and still appeal to those around you and below you. To keep focused. Leila understands the pressures of an executive and pushes you to consider what your role is in the problems you are facing. What do you own? I have referred many other CEOs and investors to her, and they have found as much value in coaching as I did. She is awesome.” CEO, Fortune 1000 company
“Leila “gets” it. She gets how focusing on the bottom line is just as important as improving leadership, the soft skills. All our coaching meetings and exercises were business oriented. At the same time, Leila asked me questions I knew I should have answered years ago.”  VP, Engineering
“Leila is fun, easy to work with, tough. She pushes you in ways you know you need to consider—you just haven’t found someone to hold you accountable yet. She will do that—and you won’t regret the investment of time or money.” SVP, Sales
“She helped me build a global division of the company from 500 to over 1500. I received guidance on people development that business school and decades of work hadn’t given me. She is so easy to talk with—even when she is pushing you to have tough conversations you know you need to take place. She is strategic and down to earth—and I loved spending time with her.” VP, Product 
“If the board of directors tells you your executive coach was a good investment, you know you got someone good. She is amazing.” Partner, Venture Capital Firm

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