Row of people working out on treadmillsI will do just about anything to avoid regular exercise besides walking and swimming. I don’t enjoy exercising, and similar to so many others, I find it really difficult to block off the time to do it consistently.

I understand the physical benefits. No confusion to me about how exercise will help my body.

Now, though, more research is turning up that indicates how physical exercise can help my brain, too.

Exercise will make me sharper and more creative? It will help increase my memory and my ability to learn? Sign me up!

Read about this research in an HBR blog post. 

The kicker to this information is that exercise during the workday can dramatically influence productivity and satisfaction. It can even lead to “smoother interactions” among colleagues.

For years I have been advocating to executive coaching clients how important the daily “walk around the block is.” It is good to know that exercise—perhaps starting with simply walk to clear your head, can have tangible benefits.

Perhaps I need to add another type of exercise to workshops and offsite: the physical kind.

What type of workout motivates you throughout the day?  I would love to hear your thoughts in he comments below.

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