LOS ANGELES – DEC 16: Donald Trump at the NBCUniversal TCA Press Tour at the Huntington Langham Hotel on December 16, 2015 in Pasadena, CA

We are three weeks into 2016. Your New Year’s resolutions “should” be a habit, now, correct?

Don’t feel bad if what you set out to accomplish on January 1 of this year hasn’t happened yet—or that you haven’t made any progress. You’re definitely not alone, as only 8% of people are successful at achieving their resolutions.

My job today is to make you feel better about yourself—whether you set resolutions or not. To do so, I’m drawing inspiration from the man many of us love to hate: Donald Trump. Yes, that’s right. Donald Trump.

So, take a deep breath and glean some wisdom from someone you think may have none for you.

New Year’s Tips from Donald Trump

(Is this disclaimer necessary? Doubtful but just in case . . . I have no idea what is inside Trump’s head, and I’ve never worked with him.)

1. You are awesome.

Trump’s belief in himself is stunning. It is the one thing I love about him. He displays an unwavering conviction that he is a remarkable individual of amazing intellect and spectacular business knowhow.

What would this year feel like if you took inspiration from Trump’s fantastical self-worth and devoted more energy to believing in yourself—your emotions, your words, your decisions—rather than faulting yourself for what you haven’t done?

2. People need to know how awesome you are. So tell them.

Trump thinks he is awesome, and he wants everyone to believe the same about him. From where he sits, everything he touches turns to gold, and he isn’t shy about stating this to us.

Trump’s strategy to convince people of his supremacy is one I want you to steer clear of: no need to declare loudly, repeatedly, relentlessly that you are the best.

Instead, start small by acknowledging when you are complimented. Most of us downplay the attention we receive for accomplishments with a humble response such as, “Oh, it wasn’t such a big deal.”

In its place, be ready to accept and relish attention you receive for good work. Say something like, “Thanks—I’m happy with what I did.”

Then, allow yourself to become more comfortable with sharing success. Bragging isn’t all bad. Accept congratulations and celebrate achievements.

3. Bold Steps. State them.

Trump has some bold ideas. Well, perhaps “crazy,” although subjective to me, is a more accurate way to describe his suggestions to make America great again.

Trump alienates many of us because his ideas for things seem outrageous. They seem too far-fetched, too impossible, too bold.

But they are daring. His plans are big and brave. He’s not thinking conservatively at all when he says what he will do if he is elected president. There is no moderation of bold steps coming from his brain.

Capture the energy Trump is channeling in some of the audacious ideas he shares. What are some of your “crazy” ideas? What do you want to do that feels outlandish or irrational? I’m guessing the censor in your head is telling you your ideas are foolish.

Well, compared to a 2,000 mile-long wall, your ideas about what you want to do or how you want to feel in 2016 are ones many of the people around you probably want to hear.

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